By: Scott Dickson

Your employees should be some of your biggest online evangelists and ambassadors. When launching a social media marketing plan, it’s very important to get those employees excited about engaging and interacting.

Let’s look at Facebook, for example. Your employees can be very effective at facilitating the growth of your Facebook page or group. But, why would you need or want their help?

Here are five reasons why you should encourage your employees to get involved:

1) Great ideas can come from any level of an organization. Encouraging employees to engage on Facebook fosters collaboration and allows workers at all levels to contribute ideas.

2) Encouraging employee awareness of the Facebook page/group builds morale and boosts confidence. It shows the public and the employee that the organization is forward-thinking and takes itself seriously when it comes to new media.

3) Employees engaging and becoming more active on the Facebook page/group will help the organization project a more positive image to the public, therefore enhancing the public’s view of the organization and its transparency.

4) Customer support. An employee can provide support and feedback online through Facebook by responding to complaints and thanking customers for comments, etc.

5) Employees suggesting their friends to “like” the page or join the group, helps it become more “viral” and facilitates a stronger growth of the audience on Facebook.

The next question should be, “How do I GET my employees to engage on our Facebook page or group?” What do you think?

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