6 Ways To Know Your Website Needs Help

6 Ways To Know Your Website Needs Help


By: Scott Dickson

There are so many factors and parameters that go into a good website. Design, ease of usability, coding and navigation are just a few of these factors.

Social Marketing campaigns work best on sites that are designed and developed effectively with landing pages and conversion points in mind.

I see websites every day that scream 1998…and it’s 2010. It boggles the mind.

Here are 6 quick ways to know that your website needs help:

1 – Your design has too many bright colors, flashing boxes and/or scrolling marquees. Please, this went away at the turn of the century. Go with softer colors that are easier on the eye. Ever read a website with a black background for a length of time and then looked at something else?

2 – You have multiple navigations. You don’t need a nav down the left side, across the top and at the very bottom of each page. Stick with one simple, yet thought out navigational structure.

3 – Your site only loads right in Internet Explorer. It’s time to re-work the site if  there are pieces of  it all over the screen when yours opens in Chrome. Just do it.

4 – Your metadata doesn’t change from page to page. This is SEO-101, but still important. Your keywords should reflect the page you’re on. If you’re on the “services” page, the keywords in the metadata should contain those services.

5 – Your site takes too long to load. Page load time should be cut down to 3-4 seconds. Google does pay attention to this. So, if you can run to the grocery store while the site is loading, it’s time to make some changes.

6 – Your site is not social media friendly. The site should have links to ALL your social media profiles and pages. Also, be sure to integrate as many social media widgets as possible, especially the Facebook “like” button.

This is another topic that we could discuss for a long time. There are definitely more than 6 things to pay attention to when assessing your website’s short-comings. We specialize in social media in Winston-Salem, NC.

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