Local businesses are drunk on social media.

They’re trying so hard to master Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. There are so many different theories and nuances about each one. The smaller, local business is more likely to have issues unless they hire a trusted consultant or employ someone with solid experience and a proven track record of success.

Here’s my beef…

What about your websites, people? Do you even care what they look like or how well they work? How about those Google search results? Are you ranking at all?

It’s 2016 and I’m still seeing websites in the market that scream 2005. And slapped somewhere prominently is a great big, blue “F” with a caption that reads “Join Us on Facebook!” Join us? Do I join a page? Do you still have a scrolling marquee on your home page? There’s your sign.

Is Facebook going to be around forever? Most would say nothing lasts forever. So, unless you’re banking your entire web presence on Facebook  (this is a mistake, by the way), you’d be much better off giving your website an overhaul and making it search engine and social media friendly.

Make sure your website is clean, visually appealing, easy to navigate and has a blog integrated into the main part of the site…not separated from it with a different URL, etc. Get it ready for the search engines with solid metadata (yes, it’s still important…even ALT text), proper URL structure, heading tags and a domain name that’s registered for more than one year.

We’re scratching the surface here in this post. This is the Reader’s Digest version.

So, take a break from the social media kegstands and get your “Base Camp” set up on a firm foundation. Then you can get back to the party and you’ll most likely get better results from whatever it is you’re drinking.

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