While the internet changed the way consumers shop for products, social media is also having a profound effect on the way consumers research and plan purchases.

Wesbites like Yelp, Trip Advisor, Google, Facebook and  give people access to consumer reviews, which empowers them with information they need before they decide to go to a restaurant, for instance.

But, with social media…people can have actual discussions online before they purchase.

Case in point…below is a brief conversation on Facebook where someone is interested in potentially switching from cable to DirecTV. This is an actual thread pulled straight from Facebook. The names have been changed to protect the innocent…

JOE: TWC wants mo’ money but since the converter box came in the door our cable has been icky. May look into #DirectTV.

I’m feeling the same way

Don’t do Dish Network. We did that and it never worked in the rain.

I love DirecTV … we got it this summer after TWC made me mad one too many times. Before you sign up, let me or someone else with DirecTV know — they have a promotion right now where both people get $10 off a month for 10 months if you give them my (or someone else’s) account number when signing up. The DVR functionality alone was worth it — and we pay a lot less each month and will even after it goes up after the first year.


We are considering moving away from TWC. This input from others is helpful.


How does DirecTV work during wind, rain and storms? Does it stay on? I know folks who have had issues with it.

Heavy rain and forget it, no tv. Still, I really like the info button – esp for movies – tells the actors, director, yr made, and synopsis.

Joe, I can give you a $100 coupon, if you want to go w/ Directv

DirecTV is good — we’ve had it for a few months now. It’s only had brief blips of non-service in bad rain/storms. (knock wood!) Plus I really like their customer service.

We switched last month and love it so far. No major problems so far even in the rain. Wife doesn’t love the dish in the back yard, but it’s not that bad.

Even with a really heavy storm a couple months ago, we had no blips or loss of TV, which used to happen at the drop of a hat with TWC!

wow…i’m sold…..joe – directv owes you!

So, here’s the takeaway…

If you’re a business owner and you haven’t gotten started with social media marketing, then it’s time to take the plunge. Scared of opening yourself up online? Scared some people may talk about you? Well, guess what…they’re talking about you anyway…whether it’s on Facebook or in the grocery store.

Why not take the new media seriously and learn how to monitor your reputation and use these tools to your advantage? Not to mention it will change your entire perception of how you should be marketing your business.

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