Trusting your social media management to a consultant can be a challenge. His, or her success is dependent upon you, the business owner, marketing director, etc. You can help your consultant succeed, or fail.

Social Media Management

The first thing is to make sure your potential consultant is an experienced professional with proven success and has examples and references to back it up. So many times we talk to businesses who let an intern or an employee set things up and execute because “younger people know social media.” And they have no idea what happened, if anything.

The second thing is communication. Your consultant is working hard to understand everything about your business, including what’s going on with your employees, customers, location, events, as well as learning your “voice.” It’s important for your consultant to know how you like things worded and what types of content you’d like to see posted. So, communication is the key to success, especially in the short-term.

But, sometimes these things don’t happen and the consultant is left to fend for him, or herself. It’s easy to point the finger and place the blame on the consultant; when, in fact, the problem lies with the lack of communication and/or understanding of how social media really works.

So, if you don’t care about getting results from your social media efforts, follow these instructions to make sure your social media manager fails…

  • Never communicate content/sales/specials.
  • Overturn all their ideas because you think you know better.
  • Be unclear about budget and expectations.
  • Expect them to read your mind.
  • Refuse to accept the fact that it’s social media and continue to use traditional marketing principles.
  • Assume that social media is a golden ticket and will work on it’s own.
  • Fail to consult with your community manager/consultant before making changes to your website.
  • Allowing a 3rd party to do some social media work without alerting your consultant.

    Working closer with the consultant and helping to prevent these things from happening improves the results of your marketing efforts.

Get involved, take some ownership, brainstorm, spend some time to educate yourself on the mechanisms, metrics, platforms and tools used in social media management and not only will you feel better about your efforts, you’ll also be contributing to them sometimes without even realizing it.

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