By: Scott Dickson

You’re excited about trying some Social Media Marketing. You’ve got your Facebook page and Twitter profile ready to go and you can’t wait for all those hot new leads to come pouring in.

Whoa….hold on there just one minute. If your website is screaming 2002 it’s time to go back to the basics and fix your foundation first.

Here are a few questions you should ask yourself before launching your Social Media Marketing campaign.

1 – Is my website visually appealing? – Do the colors, layout and images look like a nice, new Web 2.o site…or is it plain, rigid and boring? Are there scrolling marquees? Do you have multiple navigations? Are there little pieces of clip art that flash and float around? …There’s your sign.

2 – Is my website set up to “convert”? – Is there a prominent phone number in the top right corner? Do you have a simple contact form on every page of the site? How easy have you made it for users to contact you? Are there links to your social media channels? Is your content easy to share? Remember, they may land on any page of your site based on their search results. Can they easily get in touch with you from every page?

3 – How well does my site come up in the search engines? – If you’re “Joe’s Crab Shack in Myrtle Beach”…does your site appear in the organic results when someone searches for “seafood in Myrtle Beach”? What other keywords or search terms do you think users would type in when searching for a business like yours? Check all those out also.

4 – Do I have enough content on my site? – Is there robust, relevant content on every page of your website? I’m not talking about a 700 word mini-novel. Do you have a blog? You need a couple of specific, well-written paragraphs that incorporate those keywords and search terms the search engines will be looking for. (Contact us to learn more about making sure your website is coded properly for the search engines.)

5 – Do I have analytics installed on my website? – Before starting any kind of internet marketing campaign you have to make sure you’re able to measure results. Google Analytics is free and easy to install on your site. This way you’ll know how many people are coming to the site, what they’re doing while they are there, how they left, where they came from and how they found you. Analytics are imperative.

Granted, there are tons of other issues and questions we could cover here. However, if you get these basics down your site will be more effective. We can drive tons of traffic to the website, but if it’s not visually appealing, set up to convert and easy to use…we’re wasting our time. We specialize in social media in Winston-Salem, NC.

Remember also, fixing your website is probably one of the most cost-effective marketing solutions to your multiple business challenges. Fix your foundation first. Then, build your dream house.