“We found the interaction with Scott to be informative and refreshing. Our Facebook page has grown by leaps and bounds – surpassing all of our expectations, and it is a ready resource to convey timely happenings.” (A workshop attendee.)

– “I’d known Scott from his past work in internet sales with the WS Journal. We’d remained friends over the years. When I needed help redesigning my web site and assisting with my firm’s social media presence, I sought out Scott for help. He’s a pro who knows his stuff. I’d recommend him to anyone considering beefing up their web presence. He’s the best at social media in Winston-Salem.” (A former client.)

– “Scott and I met during a routine media sales call and had a lively and provocative conversation about social marketing…..a subject (I confess) I knew little about. Not only did Scott take the time to make a thorough explanation to me, he also made a presentation to my Board of Directors that proved most helpful in steering us in a direction that would make us more relevant. Despite our limited budget, Scott was able to work closely with our members and our Board to upgrade our web presence and to provide a promotional platform and exposure that we would not have achieved without him. “Thank you, Scott, for your diligence and professionalism. You’ve helped us raise the bar!” (A current client.)

– “ Scott provided phenomenal insight to the world of social media and assisted our organization in establishing a new presence with our audience. I highly recommend him!” (A workshop attendee.)

– “Scott’s success stems from his ability to develop relationships with people. He’s pragmatic. He understands compromise and consensus building. He understands and truly cares about people. And he knows how to make money.” (A former co-worker.)

– “Scott is a true professional and people trust Scott. His ability to understand his products and his clients combines to make him a powerful consultant.” (An employee.)

– “Scott understands people and cares about meeting their needs. Scott is sensitive to those around him and knows how to make his clients feel like they matter. Scott knows how to get results, and he does it all with a smile.” (A former employer.)

– “Scott’s personality and professionalism make him one of the most effective and personable people I’ve ever worked with. He understands the online environment and he knows what works. Scott knows people and he has a genuine concern for the success and well-being of his clients and his company.” (A current client.)

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